Men's Face Wash

Gently cleanses surface oils and impurities from his skin, while leaving his face feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

Why he needs it: Deeply cleanses without stripping his skin of moisture.

Why we love it

Specially created for tired and dull-looking skin, this all-natural, non-drying formula gently cleanses the skin from surface oils and impurities, whilst leaving skin feeling rehydrated and energised.

How to use it

Massage into a damp face and neck in a circular motion

Rinse thoroughly with warm water

Pat your skin dry with a towel

Apply Face Moisturiser

Key ingredients
Aloe Vera

Soothing for burns and irritations

Silk Peptide Protein

Produced from natural silk fibroin, Silk Peptide is a powerful natural moisturizer consisting of 18 amino acids which are essential to the human body.


Shields the skin from free radicals and provides protection against harmful UV rays.


Softens skin.