Skin CareSaint Jane

Luxury Beauty Serum

This 100% clean serum calms and soothes skin for reduced redness and optimal radiance.

Why You Need It: Rich in antioxidants, and super nutrient dense, Saint Jane, is a staple in our daily skin care routine.

Why we love it

This light weight oil has become our go to moisturizer all year round. Our skin glows while CBD reduces irritation, inflammation and increases wellness. Since there's no THC in Saint Jane, there are never psychoactive effects... just beautiful skin.

How to use it

Apply one half to a full dropper in the morning to awaken and nourish your complexion for a luminous, all day glow. Repeat the ritual at night to restore your skin to a calm and blissful state. Wear alone for a dewy skin look or layer under your favorite moisturizer for maximum moisture.

Key ingredients
Sunflower Seed Oil

Replenishes and soothes skin. Rich source of fatty acids skin can use, including linoleic acid, and is excellent for dry skin.


Substantial skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects can help minimize issues related to skin sensitivity, including redness. No psychoactive effects as it contains no THC.