Skin CareS.Oil

Hair Serum + Oil

This little bottle of gold is like liquid hair vitamins for stronger, healthier, shinier hair. A game changer for dry or damaged hair. The serum treats, while the oil nourishes to deliver nutrients and minerals directly to your hair and scalp.

Why You Need It: Clove and Grapefruit delicately scent your hair as it gets healthier each day you use S.OIL

Why we love it


How to use it

As a Pre-wash: Apply a generous amount of S.OIL directly to the hair, root to ends for 5 to 20 minutes before each wash. Skip your conditioner.

As a cocktail: Mix S.OIL with your daily styling products.

As a finish: Lightly apply S.OIL to fly aways for a perfect photo finish

Key ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in Vitamin A, B6 and E which promotes healthier cells, hair growth and circulation.

Mustard Seed Extract Loaded with zinc and selenium, two nutrients hair needs to avoid falling out. Jojoba Seed Oil

A deeply hydrating oil whose molecular structure mimics that of our own skin and hair for better absorption.

Pink Grapefruit Oil

An citrusy, sweet smelling essential oil known to provide an uplifting and relaxing feeling.