Make UpSaint Jane

Microdose Lip Gloss

Silky and luxurious, 100% clean lip gloss

Why You need it: High shine sparkly washes of color are the perfect compliment to any makeup look.

Why we love it

Vegan and cruelty free forumulas feel more like the perfect lip oil than a lip gloss. Reapplying is a pleasure with beautiful washes of tinted color.

How to use it

Swipe gloss over bare lips or layer over lipstick for a bolder look. Apply as needed or whenever you crave relief from modern life.

Key ingredients
Aloe Vera

Soothing for burns and irritations

Sunflower Seed Oil

Replenishes and soothes skin. Rich source of fatty acids skin can use, including linoleic acid, and is excellent for dry skin.