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Silk Lipstick

Silky lipsticks in slightly sheer shades that perfect and enhance the naturally occurring tones of your lips.

This creamy texture is loaded with hydrating ingredients, making it feel even better than it looks. You will love how smoothly it glides and your lips will beg you to reapply over and over again.

Why you need it: Looks like your lips, but better.

Why we love it

Sheer wash of color that celebrates the natural beauty of your lips. This is what lipstick should feel like... a dream

How to use it

Apply liberally throughout the day for moisture and silky smooth color.

Key ingredients
Vitamin E

Moisturizing and deeply healing

Jojoba Seed Oil

A deeply hydrating oil whose molecular structure mimics that of our own skin and hair for better absorption.

Sheer washes of pink and brown nudes to complement your skin

Silk Lipstick
Silk Lipstick
Silk Lipstick