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Eyelash Extensions

The ultimate Luminous Beauty indulgence. Allow yourself to disconnect from your routine and awaken with defined, open and fluttery eyes.

Lash extensions enhance your lashes by adding length and fullness. Your eyes will look more defined, awake and refreshed than you have in years. No mascara, no eyelash curlers, no smudging. Sleep proof, sweat proof, tear proof lashes. Every. Single. Day.

You wake up everyday with the dark, curled, full lashes of your dreams… drawing attention to your most soulful quality: your eyes..

Full Set of Lash Extensions: Your initial set of lashes. Two blissful hours for a fully customized lash line.


Eyelash Fill: Lash maintenance every 3-4 weeks for 90 minutes.



The Process ———

Our licensed lash artists isolate and place synthetic extensions onto your natural lashes until each one of your natural lashes is kissed by a lash extension.

Your entire appointment takes place in an luxurious private treatment room. Enjoy a plush bed, tea, aromatherapy and music of your choice. Nap, talk, listen to a book or your favorite playlist.

Every eye is different. Each lash line is customized to give you the shape, style and length that best compliment your features, lifestyle and desires – giving you a look that is as natural or as dramatic as you want when you want it.

We don’t count lashes here, we simply lash each and every one of your natural lashes.

FAQ ———

FAQ ———

  • What are volume lash extensions and why are they soooo much better than classic?

  • Just when we thought lash extensions were amazing enough came the introduction of volume eyelashes. These lashes are so much lighter and fluffier that we are able to handcraft beautiful bouquets of these lashes and apply them more safely and more healthily on your natural eyelashes. So what’s most exciting about that these volume eyelashes is that four or five of these weigh less than one classic eyelash.

    What does that mean for you? Fluffier, darker, lusher lash lines that are safer for your natural eyelashes. At Luminous, we believe that volume lashing is so far superior both in look and lash health that we only offer volume lashing to our clients.

  • What are eyelash extensions?

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  • How do I know if lash extensions are for me?

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