Lash Extensions: Clarified

Lash Extensions: Clarified


With so many “lash extension” services being offered we have seen our share of the good, the not so good and the really dangerous for your natural lashes. Here, we break down lash options available and give you insights to keep your lash line healthy and lush!

Temporary Lashes AKA Strip Lashes AKA Cluster Lashes AKA Party Lashes

Temporary Lashes are store bought and applied at home with temporary lash glue. They are quick, convenient and inexpensive. Two types of temporary lashes are called “clusters” and “strips.” Clusters are pre-fabricated bunches of lashes that can be applied to the lash line as sparsely or dramatically as you would like. Strip lashes are one long piece that attach to the skin directly above your lash line. They range in natural to dramatic and can look really beautiful but can also fall of mid-use if not applied properly. Though temporary lashes are great for a short period of time, they are not for daily use, as daily removal can stress your natural lashes.

For those of you using these lashes, please oh please take them off every single night with makeup remover. We do not want to see your lashes damaged or eyes affected by bacterial build up!

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions …ooooohhh yeaaaaahhhh (in our Barry White voice)

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are applied by a professional in a salon/spa setting. These lashes are are applied by a professional lash artist with extreme care. Semi permamanent lash extensions adhere to your natural eyelashes. Because of this, they have the same lifespan as your own lashes which is 60-90 days. Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions require an initial set of lashes, and a maintenance fill every three to four weeks to maintain the look

Cluster Lash Extensions

Listen ladies, if there is a semi-permanent service NOT TO HAVE, it’s this one! Cluster lashes are applied by using semi permanent lash glue. The lashes come bunched together and are glued to your natural lashes without separating or isolating them. Why is that so bad? Because as your natural lashes attempt to grow they will get in the way of the natural growth cycle. Cluster Lash Extensions are way heavier than your natural eyelashes and may create an unnatural look, so they are to be used with caution. These lashes will cost you less than 30 minutes and less than $100. How long will they last? 2-4 weeks, if you can take the discomfort and likely eye infection

Individual Lash Extensions (Ahhhh… now we are talkin’)

Individual lash extensions (aka Classic Lashes) are applied by a professionally trained lash artist. Each natural lash is isolated and a lash extension is then applied to your lash. These lashes are lightweight and, providing the artist is well trained, safe without causing stress to your natural lashes. You and your artist can plan on a look from natural to dramatic. The extension will shed with your natural eyelash and fall out individually. Individual lash extensions can cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 for a full set, depending on the establishment and the education level of the lash artist. Fill-ins are needed every 2-4 weeks depending on your natural eyelash growth

Volume Lash Extensions (oooohhhh, aaaaaahhhhh, OH!)

These are the most sought after and luxurious of all lash extension services. Your lash artist will hand build beautiful custom bouquets of fine, light and silky lash extensions and apply each bouquet to your single natural eyelash. This service, achieves the most volume of any other eyelash extension service. The lashes are extremely lightweight and will not damage your natural lashes. An initial set will cost somewhere between $300 and $600 depending on the education and experience level of the lash artist. A fill-in is needed every 3-4 weeks depending on your natural lash growth and will cost from $100-$300.

It is no secret that Volume lashes are our specialty here, at Luminous. We are expertly trained in giving you the lash line of your dreams.

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